Conscious Relationships and Dating

It took me a long time to discover what a ‘conscious relationship’ was. I’d repeat the same patterns over and over, ending up playing roles that didn’t feel like me. Bending over backwards for other people and neglecting my own needs, or avoiding contact and intimacy altogether.

A turning point came when I discovered Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST) in a personal development workshop. I began to make sense of my own relational patterns. Crucially, because it’s an embodied, somatic approach, I began to learn how to trust the wisdom of my body for the first time.

And so began a journey towards being able to trust in my own needs and desires, and communicate them without fear. It’s not always easy, and I’m still learning…

But for the first time, I know where my boundaries are. Sex has become playful. I feel more secure in my own skin. My relationships have moved from co-dependence to mutual trust and commitments to each others’ growth. 

If you’re feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, and unable to enjoy the intimacy you want, then I’d love to support you in your growth.

I’m currently training for a coaching certification in PST. Until I’m qualified to offer client sessions, please do see my blog for articles on conscious love, intimacy, vulnerability, trauma, sex, and so much more.