Free download: ten tools for feeling more secure in your relationships

Do you often find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed in your relationships? Endlessly thinking about all the ‘what ifs’, worrying about what the other person thinks, and finding it impossible to feel confident in speaking what’s really on your mind?

I've put together ten simple tools you can use in your relationships to transform those vulnerable places into deeper connection, love, and safety.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

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Conscious Relationships and Dating

You’re done with feeling exhausted and drained in your relationships.

Wondering whether you’ll ever be totally seen, heard, felt and loved, exactly as you are. Whether you’ll ever be able to ask for the kind of sex you really want to be having, or simply for your honest communication to be reciprocated.

Wondering whether you’ll always have to hold something back, shying away from sharing what’s really on your mind in case it causes an argument or ends the relationship. 

How might it feel for you to be able to share what’s really going on, without fear of being shouted down or made to feel stupid?

It’s time for you to have the relationships you’ve been waiting for. Relationships full of reciprocity, openness, trust, and the ability to disagree without fear of conflict.

We all have the ability to connect deeply and authentically with others, and to be in deep relationships without losing ourselves in the process. The problem is, most of us weren’t taught how to do this from a young age. Communication skills aren’t taught in school. Neither is emotional awareness. And while caregivers do the best they can, there are all kinds of reasons why they may not have been able to model this kind of relationship either. 

So what happens?

You learn some weird lessons about what relationships look like!

Whether it’s codependency, that sex and pleasure are not important, or that your needs are simply not valid, it’s pretty likely that you grew up with some beliefs that are damaging your adult relationships now. 

This can manifest in all sorts of ways: in finding it difficult to identify and ask for what you want, finding it difficult to really let other people in, finding it hard to access pleasure, or challenges with saying ‘no.’

The good news is that these beliefs can be challenged. 

If you’ve recognised that you’re not having the kind of relationships you want, then there’s work to be done. It’ll be challenging, yes, but don’t worry – with me it can be fascinating and enlightening and fun, too. It’s a process of learning more about yourself, after all. 

A lot of this work you can do on your own, but relational patterns are best healed within a coaching relationship. 

And that’s where I come in. 

Curious to find out how that works?

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