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About Ro

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My name is Ro, and chances are you’re reading this because you want healthier relationships full of trust and honest communication, where you can speak your mind without fear of being too much (or not enough). 

You want sex to feel pleasurable and fun, without pressure or expectation.

And you’re wondering whether I’m the person to help. 

Perhaps you’ve got a ton of self-help books on your bookshelf already, some half-read. Maybe you dip in and out of a daily meditation practice (when you have the time). Perhaps you have a therapist too. So why is it so hard to apply all that you’ve learned to ‘real life?’

Well, I’m here because I don’t believe that simply talking and reading about these things is enough. Relational patterns are healed within intentional, conscious relationships (whether with a friend, partner, therapist, coach, or someone else). But there’s another piece too, which is embodiment.

Let me explain by sharing a bit of my own story:

My own journey with embodiment started a few years ago. For a long time I had no idea what that word even meant; now I understand it means to be living in my body, rather than hanging out in my head all the time. Feeling more aware of bodily sensations, allowing my body to be more expressive, listening to what my body wants to tell me.

My body didn’t feel like a particularly pleasant place to be for most of my life, and I had to work to find acceptance – and then love. Learning to listen to my body was a big part of this process, and it allowed me to feel much more connected with myself and my needs. I learned that emotions are stored in the body, and if I pay close attention I can identify how I feel without getting lost in mental stories.

My communication with partners and friends improved enormously as a result. I know where my boundaries are. Sex has become playful. I feel more secure in my own skin. My relationships have moved from codependence to mutual trust and commitments to each others’ growth.

Today, my mission is to support clients in slowing right down and feeling more of themselves. The connection you have with yourself is the most important thing you bring to any relationship with another person, so this is a really important place to start.

In my coaching work I believe that challenges that show up in sex and intimacy are not problems to be solved. Instead they are clues to show us the parts of ourselves that are wanting some attention and care. This requires working slowly to find these vulnerable places, and working with them gently.

I am queer, gender fluid (she/her pronouns), and ethically non-monogamous, and I am part of sex-positive, kink-friendly and polyamorous communities here in London. These groups have long influenced the need I feel for greater skills in emotional intimacy (both with ourselves and with other people), communication, and boundary awareness. I believe these are areas that everyone can benefit from working with, whatever your relationship style or sexual orientation.

I’m also here because I’m really good at talking with people about difficult topics, and gently challenging them on their habits and patterns. 

(And making it feel really safe, too.)

Curious about how it could feel to share what’s on your mind?

I’m ready!

Training & Qualifications

As well as the courses detailed below, I also have ongoing professional supervision for my coaching work. This means that I am able to discuss issues and challenges I have with my supervisors, and gain insights and second opinions to better support my clients.

Professional Training

Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations (2022-)

I am currently training as a counsellor in the transpersonal approach of Psychosynthesis at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London, starting with their initial foundation year.

Psychosexual Somatics Therapy Coaching Program (2019-20)

I trained with Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti in their coaching program, qualifying to work professionally as an intimacy coach within the PST modality.

Personal & Professional Development

Essentials of Psychosynthesis (2021)

A four-day personal development workshop introducing the model of Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal therapeutic approach.

The Invitation (2019)

A five-day personal development workshop in the Psychosexual Somatics Therapy model, with Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti.

Authentic Relating Training Level 1 (2018)

I attended two ART level 1 weekends with Jason Digges and Ryel Kestano, both as a participant and an assistant. These weekend workshops teach invaluable skills in emotional intimacy and fostering deeper connections.

Holding Space (2018)

A weekend training in holding space for people in extreme states, with Nir Tadmor and Igal Tartakovsky from Safe Shore Israel.

Curious to find out what it could be like to work with me?

I’m ready!