Intimacy Coaching

You might be stuck in relationship and sexual patterns that stop you from having the intimacy you really want.

Here are some areas I often work with in my practice:

  • Feeling caught in destructive or unhelpful relationship patterns
  • Challenges with identifying wants or needs in relationship
  • Sexual challenges with libido, discomfort, pain, or orgasm
  • Difficulty managing and expressing emotional responses
  • Not knowing where your boundaries are or how to express them
  • Feeling unable to identify your wants and desires, or ask for them

All of these challenges are really common, and can often come from emotional root causes that you may have been carrying for a very long time.

Crucially, I believe that all of these things are not problems to be solved, but instead clues to show us the parts of ourselves that are wanting some attention and care.

Is Intimacy Coaching Right For You?

  • You are ready to start challenging the patterns, stories and beliefs that are showing up in your relationships.
  • You want to come back into connection with yourself, and the people around you.
  • You want to start enjoying deeper intimacy in your life.

My practice is sex positive, poly and kink friendly, and open to all sexual orientations and expressions of gender.

My approach is slow, gentle, and trauma-aware. I emphasise nervous system regulation while addressing childhood attachment issues, using talking, body awareness, and movement exercises.

Hannah’s words calm the nerves while creating a space that feels safe and secure for you to go deep into yourself.


Curious about working with me?

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What Can I Expect From a Coaching Session?

Sessions are talk-based, with no physical touch. Naturally, the rest depends on your specific needs. Your coaching journey is tailored to you, working with whatever you want to bring and progressing at your pace.

In general I work with the following tools:

  • Body tracking and somatic awareness: guiding you through noticing sensation in the body, and giving time and space to feel it
  • Embodiment exercises: using posture, movement, and sound to allow expressions that may be habitually suppressed
  • Cognitive understanding: keeping the mind happy with an intellectual context and framework for the work we’re doing
  • Movement exercises: using gentle movement as an effective way to down-regulate the nervous system
  • Guided meditations: slowing everything right down, and giving you space to allow whatever is in your experience
  • Playing with space and proximity in the room to explore your relationship with different parts of yourself, and with others

How Does The Process Work?

I aim to create a process that honours the pace you’d like to work at. Questions, concerns, and feedback are always welcome.

Here’s how I work:

1. Book a free chat

First of all, I’m happy to answer any questions over email or a quick 15 minute call to see whether you feel we’re a good fit.

2. Fill out an intake form

Next, I’ll ask you to fill out a brief intake form over email to give me some background of your current sexual orientation, gender expression, and relevant medical information.

3. Your assessment

We’ll meet for a 90 minute assessment. I’ll ask you about the topic or challenge you want to bring, and together we’ll explore your current patterns as well as your history. This can prove really beneficial in beginning to connect some of the dots, and understand how your past is affecting your present.

4. Follow-up and future sessions

After the assessment I’ll send you a follow-up email with some brief notes from our conversation. From there, if we both want to continue then we can book further sessions to explore the themes we’ve uncovered in more depth. If I don’t feel that I’m the best person to work with you, then I can recommend other practitioners who would be better suited to your specific needs.

“Hannah offers beautifully soft yet powerful sessions. Using her naturally calm and supportive nature, I felt wholly able to dive deeply into personal reflections and swim in the depths of my feeling sensations within my body. I fully recommend Hannah to support people to feel into their patterns and make embodied changes to their lives.”

Emerald May

Curious about working with me?

Book a free 15 minute chat!

How Much Does it Cost?

We’ll always start with an assessment, lasting 90 minutes and costing £120.

If we decide to have future sessions together, they can be 60-90 minutes each charged at £80 per hour. I offer discounts for booking several sessions up front.

For those with the means to do so, I offer the option to pay £100 per hour to allow someone with fewer resources to have discounted sessions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m also willing to offer discounted sessions to those whose income has been affected – just get in touch.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

My work is intended to be a short-term commitment, with a maximum of ten sessions spaced around 1-2 weeks apart.

The rest is up to us both to decide, based on what you want to bring.

We will always start with a 90 minute assessment session, which can provide really important and valuable insights all on its own. That might be all you want for now!

If we both feel good about continuing the work in future sessions, we will decide together what areas we’ll focus on, and how many sessions to plan for.

“My sessions with Hannah were so nourishing and rich, Hannah holds space so beautifully and remains grounded, calm and non-judgmental whilst guiding me to be aware of my breathing, body, feelings and emotions. Each session is different, Hannah uses the space and invited me to move my body, connect with my inner self and gave me tools to practice once I left the session. Hannah has true empathy while remaining professional and helped me with my own boundaries. I really look forward to working with Hannah again.”


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