Right now you’re struggling to say what’s really on your mind without the self-doubt.

You know how it goes: you feel frustrated with your partner, but instead of speaking up you ignore those niggling feelings until the moment has passed, telling yourself that it doesn’t really matter that much.

You’re stuck in patterns of people-pleasing or caretaking, worrying so much about how the other person might react that you’re never getting what you really want.

Those nagging voices of self-doubt are stopping you from sharing your whole self: out of fear of rejection, abandonment, or belittlement.

Even when it’s only little things. Things that you tell yourself are trivial… but they all add up to eventual resentment.

Like when you started seeing someone new, and your dates were always on their terms. They’d only meet you when it was convenient for them, and often they’d be late or seemingly in a rush to head off afterwards. You knew you wanted more from them – more quality time, more enthusiasm, more care, but something inside told you that to ask for more was ‘too needy’. So you settled for what you got.

And it left you wondering: is this as good as it’s going to get?

Perhaps you know that it doesn’t have to be this way, because of all those folks on Instagram reassuring you that you can advocate for yourself and set your own boundaries.

But you have no idea how to actually go about changing any of this.

Where would you even start?

The first thing to know is that challenges with speaking your truth, advocating for your needs, and asking for what you really want come from a disconnection from yourself.

If you’re not in deep connection with yourself first of all, how can you really know what it is you want?

If you’re not truly connected with your needs, how can you tell when they’re not being met?

If you’re not in close relationship with yourself, how can you prioritise yourself enough to have necessary yet difficult conversations?

The connection you have with yourself is the most important thing you bring to any relationship with another person, so this is a really important place to start.

I want to show you how to come back to yourself, so that you can feel and share your emotions, wants, and desires, and enjoy healthier relationships full of trust and authenticity.

This membership is for women who have noticed patterns of resentment, frustration, and disappointment in their relationships from lack of reciprocity.

It’s for women who often feel afraid to speak up out of fear of rejection, abandonment, or belittlement.

It’s for women who feel stuck in their head and disconnected from their deeper needs and desires.

It’s for women who don’t know where to start on their own healing journey.

It’s for women who know they would benefit from the support and guidance of a qualified intimacy coach (that’s me).

It’s for women who feel excited to receive new, doable practices and exercises every week, rather than a specific time-limited course or program.

And it’s for women who are feeling ready to explore the blocks, fears, and habits that keep them from speaking up.

Sounding like something you’d benefit from?

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Change happens in small, doable ways.

I know – it doesn’t sound as sexy or impressive as chasing big peak experiences. But repeating small doable steps over time is a really sustainable way to make big changes… and integrate them.

That’s why taking my time and finding practices that serve me – and that I can stick with – has been one of the most important things on my journey to come back to myself.

To feel confident to speak up, regardless of the response. To identify my needs and desires, and work through the shame I had around them. To be able to create the kinds of relationships I want to be having: full of trust, honest communication, autonomy, and mutual care and support.

In this membership you’ll have access to a wealth of small, doable practices, exercises, and meditations that are designed to support you in feeling more confident in speaking your truth, while fitting into your life – no need to spend hours watching videos or meditating.

Why is this so important?

  • When you practice new habits in small, doable ways, change doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Instead of pushing, you can relax into trying new ways of relating at a pace that feels manageable.
  • You can test out different approaches and see what works for you. You can hang on to the things that serve you, without worrying about the rest.
  • Instagram posts and self-help books can only take you so far: the work happens when you put things into practice and test out new ways of doing things. In this membership I can give you guidance and structure to do that.

This is an important way we can reparent ourselves: by prioritising our wellbeing and growth, adopting new practices that serve us better, and honouring the pace at which our bodies want to go.

Don’t just take my word for it…

The coursework, daily practices, and q&as offer a variety tools for different learning styles. One could implement all of the tools in a structured way or pick and choose the tools that suit them best and still gain insight about oneself.

The recurring themes that resonate most with me are curiosity and connection. Each material promotes curiosity and connection to yourself and others, which has helped me to be more observant and accepting of myself and my needs.

Each chapter of the coursework includes a guided meditation which helped me get into my body before working on the written exercises. Daily practices helped me to find opportunities in my day to reconnect with myself and even find opportunities to speak my truth that, in the past, I would have missed. The q&as address questions that may be sitting in the back of my mind and those that I haven’t thought to ask yet and, again, encourage curiosity and connection.

I have found these materials to bring me a sense of openness and stability that I previously didn’t experience when I needed to speak my truth, particularly difficult truths.


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The Reconnecting to Self Membership is a monthly rolling subscription, which you can join for as long as is supportive for you.

When you sign up you will…

  • Have access to the Member’s Library where all of the content, courses, practices and meditations are available
  • Receive new daily practices to try every week, based on different themes related to speaking your truth with confidence
  • Receive access to my Speak Your Truth 8 week course, which will take you through a process to feel more confident in speaking up with exercises, practices, video content, and guided visualisations
  • Access my Reactivity to Regulation Method course, which guides you through a three-part process to better understand, manage, and regulate challenging emotional responses
  • Receive regular Q&A videos where I’ll answer your questions about relationship dynamics, boundaries, and communication (or anything else you want to ask me!)
  • Receive access to a library of guided embodiment meditations that you can use any time you need to come back to your body
  • Ask me anything, any time, and I’ll pick questions to answer in Q&A videos

The Speak Your Truth Course

As part of your membership you’ll have access to the Speak Your Truth course. This is a guided journey to help you feel more supported, resourced, and confident in speaking up.

The course is divided into four chapters, based on the Psychosexual Somatics Therapy model and combined with Authentic Relating and Non-Violent Communication approaches:

  1. Finding safety: you’ll find resources you can use to create a baseline of safety within yourself, from which to explore more challenging places
  2. Exploring your fears: you’ll get in touch with some of the fears that show up for you in those moments when you stop yourself from speaking up, so that you can understand your needs better and how to meet them
  3. Coming back to your body: you’ll explore practices to learn how to feel more of yourself, so that it becomes easier to identify what it is you really want – in a deeper, more embodied way
  4. Finding the words: you’ll begin to learn how to be more direct in your language, without being aggressive or rude, so that you can ask for what you need without conflict or blame

While you can go at your own pace, I recommend spending around a fortnight on each chapter before moving on, giving yourself plenty of time to really absorb and integrate.

Each chapter includes video teaching content, a guided visualisation, an exercise, a daily practice, and journaling prompts. It’s designed to fit into your day to day life without having to dedicate many hours to watching videos or meditating!

The Reactivity to Regulation Method

The Reactivity to Regulation Method course is also available to you in the Member’s Library. This is a process you can take at your own pace, designed to help you better understand and manage your emotional responses so that you have more choice in how you respond to difficult situations.

Over the course of three sessions you will:

  • Learn how to track your emotional responses so that they feel more predictable.
  • Identify the specific triggers that land you in difficult emotional states.
  • Learn how your nervous system creates the experience of different emotional states.
  • Identify the tools and resources you can use to lift yourself out of challenging emotions.
  • Learn about how the nervous system works with your mind to create the experience of different emotions.
  • Learn the basics of Polyvagal Theory to better understand how and why triggered states happen.
  • Create a map of your own emotional responses, which you can use to better understand and track difficult states.
  • Understand the reasons why your emotions show up the way they do, helping to remove shame and judgement.

This is a process I’ve guided many one-to-one clients through, and here’s what some of them had to say about it:

I used to constantly google “why do I feel this way”. But working with Hannah has given me a kind of physical manual for myself of tools to utilize in given situations. It provides me with a lot of self trust and confidence knowing I have that. ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!


Working with Hannah was transformational in helping me to see where my nervous system was affecting my capacity for physical intimacy and pleasure. While my profession had given me a good understanding of the nervous system, with Hannah’s compassionate guidance I was able to draw connections between past trauma and how that now affected my body’s sense of safety during sex. Thank you, Hannah, for holding such a beautiful, open and non-judgmental space to talk about such vulnerable topics.


Using the polyvagal ladder helped me to map out ways to handle my needs and emotions. This practice gave me a lot of self-trust and self-confidence. I can tell by using this tool each time I am able to self-regulate my nervous system that I gain more trust that I will always be okay. It showed me that I am fully capable of being fulfilled by my own self-care, which reduced my need for fulfilment from outside sources. I am safe and secure in my body.


Monthly Themes

On the first Monday of every month I publish a new theme, relevant to speaking your truth with confidence. Throughout the month I’ll provide a new daily practice every week you can try based on the theme, so there’s always new things you can try and test out.

Monthly themes include:

  • Using direct language (without being aggressive)
  • Boundaries
  • Embodiment
  • Radical Self-Love
  • Resourcing & Safety
  • Pleasure
  • Your Aligned Self

Q&A Videos

You can send me questions any time (anonymously if you wish) for me to answer in regular Q&A videos.

Videos already in the library include my responses to questions such as:

  • How do I deal with unmatched sexual desire when my partner wants more sex than I do?
  • How can I communicate peacefully when receiving unwanted advice?
  • How do I get better at identifying when a boundary has been crossed?
  • How do I calm my anxiously attached part when my partner withdraws?
  • How do I handle frustration during moments of feeling triggered?
  • How do I trust my instincts when I’ve been disappointed or hurt by partners I trusted in the past?

Embodied Resourcing Meditations

The number one thing that stops you from speaking your truth is fear. The antidote to fear is creating safety in yourself, and that’s where these meditations come in.

These ten-minute meditations are designed to help you come back to your body and back to safety when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed – or to use as a daily centring practice. My one-to-one clients have been asking me to record these, so they’re now available for members in the library.

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ready to join us

The Reconnecting to Self Membership is open for enrolment and I’d love to welcome you in!

Included in the membership:

• Monthly themes with new daily practices every week
• Access to the Speak Your Truth course
• Access to the Reactivity to Regulation Method course
• Access to the Embodied Resourcing Meditations
• Regular Q&A videos where I answer anything you want to ask me

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Who am I?

I’m Hannah: I’m trained as a coach in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST), which is a gentle, trauma-aware method of moving through intimacy challenges – sexual, relational, or emotional. It emphasises nervous system regulation while addressing childhood attachment issues, by combining a cognitive understanding of the emotional root causes underneath the presenting issue, alongside embodied practices and somatic awareness.

I combine this with my experience of Authentic Relating, Non-Violent Communication, and Radical Honesty approaches – for super effective communication that’s direct without feeling aggressive. 

It’s a really awesome mix.

Above all, my mission is to support clients in slowing right down and feeling more of themselves.

In my work I believe that challenges that show up in sex and intimacy are not problems to be solved.

Instead they are clues to show us the parts of ourselves that are wanting some attention and care. This requires working slowly to find these vulnerable places, and working with them gently.


How much do I pay to join?

You can join the membership for $49 USD/month.

Does the $49 USD cover everything?

Yes! This includes access the members library with practices, course materials, meditations, and Q&A videos. You’ll also have access to the link to ask me a question for a future Q&A. If you sign up today you’ll pay that same amount forever.

How long does my subscription last?

As long as you want it to. This is a monthly rolling subscription; you’re welcome to stay (and I hope you do) for as long as is supportive for you.

What’s the time commitment?

The intention is for this to be a supportive space – not another chore on your to-do list. You’re welcome to engage at a level that works for you. The daily practices I publish each week are designed to take only a few minutes per day.

What’s the structure and content of the group – how does it work?

All of the content is accessible via the Member’s Library area on my website, for you to access whenever you like. You’ll receive updates about new content (practices, Q&A videos etc) via email so you’ll always be notified when there’s something new.

Which platforms do you use?

All of the content is available via a private area on my website – no social media accounts required. You’ll receive email notifications with new content every week.

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