Peer Support

Got lots going on right now? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Perhaps there are some relationship issues or questions you’d like to talk through with someone?

Maybe you’re already seeing a therapist or coach, but you’d like another perspective?

I offer peer support sessions via text message where we can chat through whatever is going on for you. Unlike coaching, this is a friendly conversation where I can offer you an outside perspective, some new ways to think about things, and the space to talk difficult things through.

There’s no commitment or pressure – you can book sessions whenever you like.

Please note that this is not coaching, counselling or therapy. I won’t be giving you specific exercises or practices, or guiding you deep into your emotions. Think of me as a knowledgable, non-judgemental friend who is great at listening to and reflecting on relationship challenges. If I feel you’d be better supported by something different, I can offer suggestions and referrals too. 

How does it work?

I use Telegram for these sessions, so you’ll need to download and install it in advance. When you book, I’ll give you my username, and I’ll ask you to send me a message at the agreed date and time to start your session.

There’s no commitment to a number of sessions, and you can book whenever you like.

Boundaries & Agreements

Peer support sessions are not coaching, counselling or therapy. I don’t offer specific advice, and I’m not here to ‘fix’ your problems. I can offer opinions, reflections, and questions you may not have considered.

I don’t tolerate abuse, harassment, or sexual advances. If any of these happen I will end the session immediately and offer no refund.

Please do not contact me on Telegram outside of our session time, unless you’d like to book a future session.

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